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How come people freak out if kids 12 and under think about sex?

So, I just realized that people freak out if kids 12- ever have or think about sex.
If a kid that age knows about sex, whose fault is that?
I dont think kids should have sex at that age, but why freak out about it?
It’s the parents fault- if the kid doesnt know about sex and how to do it, they’re not gonna have it!

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11 Responses to “How come people freak out if kids 12 and under think about sex?”

  1. The 21st century is the best! said :

    I see nothing wrong with exposing minors to sex.

    In the Netherlands children as young as 5 are highly educated about sex.

  2. ♥Fancy♥ said :

    Trust me, a kid at 12 knows more about sex than any parent wants to believe. If they watch tv or listen to music, they will figure it out. Just because the parents don’t tell them doesn’t mean someone else isn’t going to. They hear about it everywhere from school to music and tv shows. If they are educated about it they might be less likely to have it.

  3. emmzy said :


    if they know, they will think about it because all children get curious about things. that’s how we learn!

    i also think children should be educated about sex, i started my periods at 9 years old and would have totally freaked out if i didn’t know what that was.


  4. Sherry Babyy said :

    It’s not exactly wrong for kids under 12 to think about sex. It’s just something that’s human nature.

    It’s actually having sex that young that’s the problem. Not only is it disgusting, but anyone that young is not in any way ready for the physical and mental consequences of sex.

    And there is nothing wrong with freaking out about it. If it were my child having sex that young I would most definitely freak out. I don’t want to have to deal with a pregnant 12 year old. No one should have to. It’s ridiculous that things like that actually happen.

    And yes, in a lot of cases, it is somewhat the parents fault. Kids need supervision and discipline that seems to be lacking quite a bit. But then, you can try your hardest to raise your children right, but there are still the kids that give in to peer pressure or make the wrong decisions for their own reasons. So no, it’s not always the parents fault.

    And as for children knowing about sex that young, there is no way to avoid it. They start teaching sex education in 5th grade in many states. And I myself, do think that it’s important to teach children these things. That way they are prepared and less naive than someone who knows nothing about sex. They’re not taken advantage of as easily and can build their own morals against having sex until later. You can’t leave a child completely clueless. That only leaves them lots of space to experiment. They won’t know it’s wrong and won’t know the consequences of it.


  5. Sam said :

    It’s not always the parents fault. Kids sometimes learn from their friends and parents can’t always be around to listen to what their kids are talking about. 12 is way to young to ever think about having sex. 12 is close to 13 so sex is going to come to mind, but thinking about actually doing it is pretty immature. People freak out because just the thought of 12 year olds having sex is just disgusting.

  6. Shade said :

    I am disgusted by all the girls in my town who have sex at 10 years old. 9 year olds shouldn’t even know about sex, much less think about engaging in sexual intercourse.

  7. Lalah's Mommy said :

    As a parent myself, I would “freak out” and most parent’s would as well. The reason we “freak out” is because if you are thinking about having sex you are raising the risk of becoming pregnant. Now tell me is a child, as you noticed I said CHILD 12 and under going to be able to take care of a baby, when they are just babies themselves? No us the parents are going to be helf responsible not only for you, but also for the child you brough into this world. Not only that but you aslo get a VERY bad repuation expecially if you are a girl. Trust me no guy i don’t who he is, what’s to be with a girl who has slept with alot of guys. If your thinking about having sex at 12 or under by the time your married there is no telling how many men you’d be slept with. Also STD’s are rapid in this country, they are REAL and they do EXIST! It’s very VERY easy to catch one! Take some SEX ed class’s girl. At 12 years old you don’t even know how bad having sex is going to hurt either!

  8. B said :

    That’s retarded. Kids that young HAVE to learn about sex so that they won’t have it. They are going to learn whether the parent ever mentions it or not, especially since you learn about puberty in SCHOOL when you’re like 10. Teaching kids about sex does not make them want to have it, keeping it a secret and therefore making it look more appealing is what makes kids want to have it.

  9. Irenie Leigh said :

    There’s a huge difference between a 12 year old thinking about sex and actually having sex.

    Most 12 year olds are curious about sex, and think about it. That’s perfectly normal.

    I think the parents are responsible if their child that age is having sex, I would never allow a 12 year old to be in a situation that could lead to sex (i.e. She would not be allowed ANY time alone with boys).

  10. Ricky said :

    Whats bad about them knowing it its good for them to know so when they do they use protection

  11. Angie said :

    Because people are stupid. 12 is around the age of puberty so obviously hormones are going to start running around their bodies like crazy.


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