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How can you determine whether or not you conceived right after having sex?

My boyfriend and I have been having sex for 3 months now. There are a few people that have said that you can tell you conceived right after having sex with your partner. If this is the case, I’d like to know how so I can fill my boyfriend in on it when it does happen.

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7 Responses to “How can you determine whether or not you conceived right after having sex?”

  1. BossLαιdιe said :

    Take a test..

    See your Doctor..

  2. lynda m said :

    there is no way you can tell right after sex sorry.

  3. Cat J said :

    There is no way you can tell right after sex, maybe sometime in the future but at the moment there is no way to tell until your missed period or taking a test that checks for the hormones a few days before your missed period, or a blood test done by your doctor, but conception most times does not even occur until a few days after sex.

  4. elegancescorned said :

    you wont know for 2-3 weeks depending on when you do it.

  5. xjaydeex said :

    people say sometimes they know the exact moment they conceived… but i sure didnt!! Didnt find out till i was 5months!
    Sorry the only way you and your boyfriend will know is the test!!

  6. FIONA F said :

    Some people say that they knew the moment their egg was fertilised. Personally, having been pg several times I can say that I knew maybe a week after but not right at the time.

    With this pg I knew about 10 days before my period was due and was totally unsurprised when it didn’t come. I didn’t even bother to take a test.

    If you’re really in tune with your body it is possible to tell the difference between PMS and early preg symptoms but it depends on how sensitive you are to the pregnancy hormones etc.

    For me, I always bloat up really badly and get vague stomach pains like trapped wind. I also get very tired and headachy at the beginning too. With PMS I just get irritable and crave chocolate so it is different.

    Good luck in TTC anyway. Hope you get some good news soon 🙂

  7. Mindy_due on 25/08/2008 said :

    There is not such thing! Very impossible. If it is,there is no famous phrase “two weeks wait”


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