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How can i tell if my baby has acid reflux?

He doesnt spit up,but I have heard that one sympton can be the knees curled up to the stomach,and he does that all the time.

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7 Responses to “How can i tell if my baby has acid reflux?”

  1. amosunknown said :

    newborns always curl up with their knees to their stomachs.

  2. sammy said :

    Normaly babys with reflux chuck up all the time and you need to put them on thick formual, i only know this cause i had a baby with reflux, normaly babys that curl up there legs have wind problems and you need to give them some grib water but i would check with your health nurse or GP

  3. Missyanne L said :

    The most prominent sign of acid reflux is excessive spitting up. Babies normally curl their legs up but if you feel like your baby might be in pain, my guess would be abdominal cramps, probably gas.

    If you are really worried, call your doc!

    Good luck!

  4. tracey said :

    My daughter has silent reflux so she didn’t spit up, breastmilk would come up and go back down which burns twice so she cried all the time and didn’t sleep at all the first 6 weeks of her life. She arched her back all the time while nursing, and would also nurse, pull away start to cry and that would go on for 1/2 hour or as long as she nursed. I don’t remember reading knees curling up as a symptom – I think that sounds like his little belly may be bothering him, could be gas – we used gripe water for that (our daughter was very gassy), but below is a link that will take you to symptoms of reflux – it doesn’t sound that your son has it just by what you’re describing but check out the list and see. If you think he may and based on the severity you’ll want to see his pediatrician, we ended up having to put our daughter on prevacid solutabs which have made a world of difference.

  5. ghds said :

    Babies with acid reflux throw up a lot and don’t thrive they also cry incessantly because of the pain.
    Lots of newborns sleep with knees curled up to their stomach as that is the attitude in which they were in the womb it’s very cute.

  6. kath_08012 said :

    My daughter also had silent reflux. It’s really hard to diagnose because so many of these babies gain weight well and don’t have the obvious symptom of spitting up their milk. Her discomfort always, always revolved around feedings. She would have a difficult time feeding and after feedings would arch her back constantly. Even in the womb she had hiccups several times a day, and this continued when she was born, again centering around times that she would eat. This is also a symptom of reflux. She cried and fussed constantly and had difficulty burping after feedings. You could also actually hear some of the formula coming up after she ate and then slowly going back down again and she would scream through this, which led us to the reflux conclusion. My breastmilk was too thin so she DID vomit that up, but she also had difficulties with various formulas….goodstart worked the best with us.
    The trouble with silen reflux is that it’s hardest to diagnose….there is also some thinking that colic is actually reflux in babies and that as their digestive system matures this gets better.
    For my daugther, we ended up being put on zantac three times a day, just a tiny ammt (3 ml perday). This helped and we were able to slowly wean her.

  7. beauty gal said :

    Acid reflux in babies, also known as the Colic, is not at all an uncommon occurrence. That burning feeling caused by acid and other juices that digest food leaking up from the stomach into the esophagus can be a very painful feeling for an adult. Imagine how it feels to a baby who cannot tell you what this feels like.

    There are different methods used to control acid reflux in babies. It is possible to find special pillows for babies that allow you to keep the head propped. Yes, controlling acid reflux in babies can be a challenge, but the long-term results are what’s strived for. The acid reflux can be a condition that exists on its own or can be a result of other conditions within the child’s development. Dietary changes can control the acid reflux in babies. Dairy products tend to be one of the items that can cause acid reflux in babies.

    If you wish to know more abt acid reflux diet, you can refer to this site :


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