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How can I raise money for a funeral in less htan 4 days?

My grandmother passed away on September 11 this past friday from cancer. We need help raising money for her funeral. It is about $5,500 and we need the money now. Are there any ideas on how to make money in less than 4 days?

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4 Responses to “How can I raise money for a funeral in less htan 4 days?”

  1. zen said:

    car washes. asking for donations in front of places.

  2. BADNESS said:

    I have no idea. Have you tralk to funeral place to see if you can make payments? I always wonder this. Just ask people that she knows. I have no clue.

  3. Offbeat Oddity said:

    Putting jars in local convenience stores explaining what happened. Canning in front of supermarkets (after asking the manager for permission’s pretty easy, weve raised almost 2,000 one time for our high school crew team).
    Maybe putting an ad. on craigslist or some other online site for donations. Maybe some family members/friends can chip in.

  4. imdigger2000 said:

    Talk with the funeral director, or possibly the manager. If you have some money to put down, then they should be able to help you. $5500 seems like a lot of money for a funeral. Could you also be adding in the cemetery costa as well? These are two separate bills. If you can work it out, the mortuary is usually able to work payment options out better than the cemetery. If your grandma belonged to a church, some times the pastor has a fund that can be used to help members of the church. This could either be an out right gift, or a loan. Either way when you are able you should repay the church, that way there is money available to help the next family. If things are really tight you may have to “cut back” on some of the expenses. Maybe a less expensive casket, shorter viewing period, a lower cost grave, maybe wait until later to purchase the marker. Funeral Directors and Cemetarians are willing to help families out, but you must be truthful with them, and have some type of payment plan in mind.


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