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How can I make new friends and start conversations?

Ok well this summer, I’m going to a camp (an orchestra one to be exact).
And as told, I’ll end up with a roommate.
But I seem a bit anti-social towards people and I need to be a little more outgoing.
So.. I was wondering how can I make a new friend?
And how can I start a good conversation?

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7 Responses to “How can I make new friends and start conversations?”

  1. Shabs :) said :

    Just tell them that they played well (if they did…) and ask about themselves.

  2. Olivia.x said :

    You can start conversation by asking them about themselves, say hello .. uk ? … where are you from?…. what are your interests? things like that. . x

  3. smithy said :

    “Hey man (if there a man, otherwise use the word, sister or, girl or….maybe just, her name. anyway)…you played like a worrier dude, you gotta show me some of those techniques, your realy good! Seriously, ive played with some of the best (then list a few of your favourite players, that way if you mention a player they like, your already friends).

    Remember youve all got the same interest (music) so your bound to find someone to befriend. Trust me im just the same, im pretty antisociol and hate meeting new people, especialy when im on my own so just relax and have fun: )

  4. Someguy said :

    The obvious answer is getting over your shyness. Break out of your shell and start talking to people. Being at camp, with brand new people, will be the perfect place to start and will give you the courage to try when school starts the following semester. Try making friends with your roommate; get to know that person, his/her likes/dislikes, what she/he likes to do for fun, etc.

    If you’ve trouble coming up with questions to ask, try making a list of questions you’d ask to get to know someone, such as “what is your name, where’re you from, what do you like to do, etc” and practice saying them aloud or in front of a someone you’re comfortable with.

    GOOD LUCK! 😀

  5. Ashley said :

    hahahaha thats a funny joke

  6. kookookachoo7863 said :

    Djenne, this is the perfect opportunity to work on those social skills, and especially with like-minded people (musically inclined). The common interest in music will produce immediate conversations with everyone there, including your room mate. You have to take it from there, but if they are outgoing at all, that will help you as you won’t have to think of things to say. It will be much easier than you think! These things are learned, they don’t come naturally to most people. Good luck dear.
    Auntie Kookoo

    Edit: Someguy’s answer is very excellent!

  7. xCheekyBabex said :

    You can start by being friendly and say hello at first. Then you can ask how they are and all then start to get to know them.
    If your going to an orchestra camp, talk about your instruments and stuff.

    See what you have both got in common and enjoy your time there.

    good luck x


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