How can I make a daycare relate to marketing?

I need work at a daycare and I need to know a way to incorporate marketing at my job. Does anyone have any ideas? Please and thank you!

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  1. LBuffo said:

    I don’t understand. Do you need more children? or do need more help? If you need more children I would consider running a special on child care.

    Example: Offer a half off week for new clients, this will give parents the ability to try you out. Make sure you have them fill out applications and make appointments to meet the kids and parents. This will help bring in the kids, but make sure you are well prepared. Since your facility or home could probably only accomidate a certain number of children, I would limit the number of approved applicants for the trial offer. This will also weed out the clients that are looking for cheap short term child care. You could ask a near by peditrician if you can put flyers in his/her office.


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