How can I have grandchildren without having to have children myself?

Kids are annoying and time consuming which is why I don’t want any. However, it would be cool to have grandkids to play with and do fun things with. Is there any way I can have grandkids without having to have kids?

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11 Responses to “How can I have grandchildren without having to have children myself?”

  1. Ajay said:

    adoption ?

  2. kookies_101 said:

    Um, no? I don’t know why you even asked that question. It’s stupid and the answer is obvious, however if you have sibling or if your significant other in the future has siblings who have kids, then you can be an aunt or uncle and treat your kids the same way you would as a grandparent.

    I will add as well that, just because the kids aren’t your own, they can still be annoying. However, every child has redeeming qualities and it’s those qualities that make parents love their children, even when they start to get on your nerves.
    Right now you may think they are annoying, but when it comes time to have them, you may decide you want them.

  3. Alyssa's mommy said:

    Marry someone who has kids, then you can be the step-grandma.

  4. MommyinMay said:

    the only way i can think of would be to marry someone that already had children

  5. blank said:

    It is impossible.

  6. ✩☆✩HAPPINESS✩☆✩ said:

    Marry someone with grownish kids, like in their late teens so you’re involved but not too much, then when they have kids, you’re an adequate part of their lives cos you been around for 5ish years and you’ll be considered a grand parent

  7. ✄I Run with scissors ✄ said:

    marry someone who has kids. older ones

  8. Christine said:

    No. Why wouldn’t you want kids?
    I didn’t want the sister my mom was having, but she was the most beautiful gift I could ever imagine. She’s my joy in life.

  9. Josephine C said:

    Just be one of those creepy old men at the park who try to play with the young kids. See how long it takes before the cops show up.

  10. James P said:

    Marry a single parent, when the kids have kids you be a grand parent. If you are older you may marry a grand parent.
    Adopt a older child, when that child marries and has children, you be a grandparent.
    You will of course miss one of the greatest moments of life. Holding your first born for the first time. Then years later holding the first grand child. Makes it all worth while. Last month I held my first Great great grand son for the first time. My life will continue for a long time.

  11. Laurie said:

    If you think babies and children are too annoying and time consuming forget the thought of having grandkids because you will only feel the same way about them too.

    Leave the young ones for the warm hearted part of the human population. Children aren’t a novelty that you can turn on and turn off like a TV


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