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How can I get my husbands breath to stop smelling so awful?

It really smells awful in the morning so much that I want to puke. I have giving him breath fresheners and everything but it still smells so much. And I think he brushes his teeth only once a day gross. How can I get my white husband to change his dental hygiene?

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12 Responses to “How can I get my husbands breath to stop smelling so awful?”

  1. boobiebaby69 said:

    It’s worse than that, it’s his diet.

    If it really is that bad then he needs to see a doctor.

  2. rachel said:

    tell him every time he brushes his teeth you will give him oral, that will solve this smelly matter.

  3. Another Creation Enduring said:

    Well, maybe he needs to stand up for himself and quit kissing your rear end.

  4. thatartistwin said:

    Take him to a dentist……he probably has gingivitis or some gum disease or even an infected tooth that he has not felt yet.

  5. Cartman said:

    1) your must be a troll…. your white husband HAHAHA.
    2) EVERYONES breath smells bad in the morning u dumb-butt

  6. Chik9874 said:

    What does him being white have anything to do with it?

  7. Newbie said:

    He needs to go to the dentist as it sounds like he may have cavities and possibly rotting teeth. He may also have some type of infections. Dental infections (frequently caused by bacteria) can be caught by kissing someone. I don’t want to scare you, but you don’t want to catch anything like that.

    If I were in this situation, I wouldn’t kiss him until he took care of his dental health. I would even insist on going to the dentist with him. If necessary, I would get up earlier than he does in the morning so he wouldn’t be able to get romantic at that time. That would probably send him a message.

  8. ♫RockerO♫ said:

    tell him to quit smoking

  9. La Vie Boheme said:

    Is this REALLY a question about marriage? Seriously! Every ones breath stinks in the morning..yours does to. Tell him to go to the dentist.

  10. bruce d said:

    So. What you’re really saying is you want to bed a black man. Normal fantasy, although this is a very creative way of justifying it.

  11. Not Feeling Myself Anymore said:

    Do us white guys have worse breath???

  12. kath :) said:

    If you paint him orange, he won’t be white anymore.


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