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How can I get my fat wife to finish making Christmas cookies and get out of the kitchen?

I’d like to make some decent homemade chicken soup, but she is in the way.

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13 Responses to “How can I get my fat wife to finish making Christmas cookies and get out of the kitchen?”

  1. Punk Chik said:

    Your question is a paradox.

  2. snakegoes2camp said:

    lure her out with some cake

  3. Omar Sanchez said:

    put a cage outside of the kitchen and trap her there and put ingrideints to make soup and in her poor state after 2-3 days there u take the soup without a problem 😀

  4. lolita said:

    Help her and get your lazy butt of the couch and internet. Do some work other then being a troll here.

  5. Miss RN said:

    Start making whale noises maybe she will answer and start looking for where they are coming from.

  6. Cobaltus said:

    Wow, thanks, you just made me really appreciate my husband.

  7. Single mom and lovin it said:

    Pull out your p e n i s and tease her with it, maybe she wants a bite of your sausage

  8. Smiffy said:

    Beat her over the head with a pan a few times. She will be too scared to ever go back.

  9. Lashe Evans said:

    learn to treat her better.

  10. Melalicious said:

    Start by thanking your beautiful wife for the yummy Christmas cookies, and explain that although you appreciate them very much you are very hungry and would like some homemade chicken soup, and that you were wondering how much longer she would need the kitchen so you will know when it is available for you to make if for yourself, being that the kitchen would be to crowed if you both cooked at the same time.

  11. TJ said:

    Wow, I hopes she gets some self respect and finds someone who loves and respects her. The way you talk about her is awful whether she is fat or not.

  12. Tee Pee said:

    ain’t it early to be making christmas cookies? ,, tell her u wood rather have um fresh for christmas

  13. Jasmine said:

    BUY A SHOVEL!…………lure her out and cook ur night away


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