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How can I be more comfortable with my teeth grinding at night?

I am self conscious because I grind my teeth when I sleep. So when I have friends over I am ashamed to use my night guard (the plastic molding that protects my teeth from wear).

I have been grinding my teeth since I was 15, and still feel self conscious. I feel like this is a huge insecurity for a potential relationship, and think its part of the reason why I have been single for so long.

How do I overcome this insecurity? What would you do? Please help.

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3 Responses to “How can I be more comfortable with my teeth grinding at night?”

  1. Jo said:

    Wear your guard a lot of people have the same problem. Nothing to be ashamed of, if you find the right guy it will not matter to him in the least. Love is blind, this is true I know.

  2. puppysyndrome said:

    I’d wear the mouth guard! My daughter grinds her teeth and she did it so bad she actually popped enamel off her teeth. She finally got a mouth guard and it doesn’t worry her a bit. Who cares what your friends think! It’s no different than wearing a retainer at night after you have braces removed. I don’t think this is why you’ve been single for so long! No guy who really loves you would think twice about you using a mouth guard at night to protect your teeth!

  3. Reggie Hero said:


    No need to be ashamed, grinders are intense people. You should always keep looking into research as it is constantly changing and keep wearing anything your MD/DDS recommends to protect your teeth.

    As far as relationships, can you offer more than simply someone who grinds their teeth? Are you a nice person? Do you have a good heart? Are you smart, witty, charming, funny or all of the above? Do you like adventure? Do you strive for success?

    These traits are what matters, not that you wear a mouth gaurd.


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