How can I be different and original in a relationship?

The girl im dating watches alot of romantic movies so she is familier with the ordinary, and she says that she likes things that are not the usual, things that are original and different. Any ideas on how I can be a not-so typical guy, without changing myself?

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3 Responses to “How can I be different and original in a relationship?”

  1. Lessqq Morepewpew said:

    Always remind her how you’re the only one for her.

    Always tell her how both of you could never do any better than each other.

    And hit her.

  2. Maha said:

    watching romantic movies is not the opposite of doing unusual things.
    you have to be yourself try to cheer her up with participating with her in her activities but at the same time be yourself and dont act gurls see that the guy who is acting is weired even if he is acting to make her happy.

  3. Ava said:

    no, that is a really hard question. and pretty vague of her. can you ask her what she means? maybe she has ideas. otherwise I dont know a woman on earth that would complain if a man actually treated her like she was in a romance movie. better than a guy making no effort at all to be romantic. for example, every girl wants the kind of love and devotion that edward and jacob have for bella (from the twilight saga) that situation is ideal for us, thats why the story is so popular. no competition, just pure devotion. someone that gets upset if we are upset, that is quick to comfort us, always there for us, never giving up on us, stuff like that. you should read the books if you want to know how a woman wants to be loved. 😉


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