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How big should my Valentine card be ?

I don’t want to look too cheap but I think cards are a waste of money.

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9 Responses to “How big should my Valentine card be ?”

  1. cherha01 said:

    Do it by hand!!! It will really show her you care to take time to make her a gift. This is better than buying one.

  2. said:

    over 9000

  3. lucky said:

    Small card with a good present is fine. Big cards are for the very young.

  4. I Think I just got rejected!! :( said:

    its not a waste of money! About this big…

  5. othfan4ever_16 said:

    as big as a 65″ plasma TV. anything else and the receiver of the card will feel distraught and depressed.

  6. daisy30uk said:

    Size isn’t everything!

    Buy a good quality one – maybe one of those handmade ones.

    Even better, why don’t you make one. That says a whole lot more than spending a fortune on a card – it shows that you cared enough to take the time.

  7. Michelle B said:

    it’s not so much about the size of the card…more so what is said inside, whatever card u decide on as long as the message is right she’ll love it….trust me…i’m a woman lol.

  8. Bridey said:

    Go to any grocery store, department store, drug store….it doesn’t have to be Hallmark. Shoebox greetings has plenty of cute inexpensive cards and you can find them most anywhere. As far as Valentines go…..size doesn’t matter. It’s a card. It should say how you feel. Anything past that is a waste.

  9. Jay Dee said:

    like a newspaper size.


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