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Homemade Valentine Card Ideas?

I would love some help here…I am needing to make 45 homemade valentine day cards for some friends of mine. Were big kids but still love getting valentine cards in the mail.

Unique or Simple ~ Any ideas that you have for me would be great!

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4 Responses to “Homemade Valentine Card Ideas?”

  1. big city said :

    Cut out pictures from magazines and make collages. You can glue candy on them too (like those little candy hearts that say stuff like “sweetheart”.

  2. {*-Shall we dance?-*} said :

    Make a pop up card! Those are fun and pretty easy.

  3. Stormie Raincloud said :

    I would go to : and see what ideas she will have. You know she’s the queen of art’s & craft’s.

  4. cre4562 said :

    I made paper dolls holding the heart and with sweet sayings such as be mine etc.


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