Help with a valentines gift for my boyfriend?

So I’m thinking about making a book of a few poems and pictures I’ve drawn for my boyfriend. I’m just wondering if y’all think that’s a good idea, and if not I would love some ideas! However, it does have to be something homemade b/c I’m sort of low on money. Also, keep in mind I’m a 17 year old christian, which means no sex!

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5 Responses to “Help with a valentines gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. jose dejesus said:

    how about a playstation3

  2. kristal said:

    I like that idea.
    However another low-priced idea would be buy a bigger frame or a multi frame thing and draw a picture and a poem to go WITH the picture and frame it.

  3. sweetlilasian87 said:

    you should… sing him a song..or play him a song with an instrument, if you know how lol
    i think you should make a homemade special meal for him! 😀

  4. lida said:

    it really would depend on how long the two of you have been together. i think the book of handmade stuff is really sweet and sentimental and the fact that you made it would mean a lot more to him than a store-bought box of chocolates. If youre good in the kitchen, try baking him some cookies to go along with your book. my boyfriend (and any male) loves food! lol. A mixed cd is also a good idea. If you’re daring enough get him some fiiiine calogne (that way the both of you win!) its not fair for girls cuz guys are hard to get gifts for!

  5. Mitchell said:

    sounded like you two are best friends.
    how about a bff luck charm for both of you ?

    how about a BFF friendship key ring made with real four leaf clover?

    “a best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have ” Sarah Jessica Parker – sex in the city.


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