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Help me match my girlfriend’s dress for valentines date?

So we thought it would be fun to match when we go out to dinner. Shes wearing a mostly black silk dress with crimson and cream designs on it. I have a new black tailored ck suit I’d like to wear.

So what colors do you guys think I should do for my shirt, tie and handkerchief?

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3 Responses to “Help me match my girlfriend’s dress for valentines date?”

  1. Shaden M said:

    well i think a red shirt and handkershief will be really nice it suis the occasion

  2. Crystal B said:

    Do a Crimson shirt and a cream tie and handkerchief. You two will look fabulous!

  3. ollie s said:

    I would say white shirt, classic cut. With a crimson tie that matches the tone of your girlfriends dress. Keep it simple.


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