help for valentines day idea?

right i am 17 and in a relationship for the first time right but i have no idea what to do for valentines day with my girl. we are going out for a meal but i want to do something else romantic anyone got any ideas? bare in mind i dont have much cash so a horse ride along the beach is to much lol
i just need something kind cheap but romantic!
cheers for the help guys really appreciate it 😀

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3 Responses to “help for valentines day idea?”

  1. MusicIsLove4evr said:

    A nice little gift and dinner would be fine. I know that Rogers is having a sale on a sterling silver diamond heart necklace for $20 (reg $80) .. which would be fine for a first Vday gift with your partner. Sale is Feb 3-6.

  2. ? said:

    perfume . Something good too CK, DKNY or Lacost or something

  3. Larkin L said:

    Make-a-Wish Necklace Come with different charms – heart, star, wishbone, key, robin, apple, sand dollar, feather, 4 leaf clover

    Flower, card


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