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Have you got your lover a valentines gift yet ? if you have what did you get them?

I got my hubby a book & card but the best thing would be the corset & very very mini skirt & thong for me to wear for him ; )

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11 Responses to “Have you got your lover a valentines gift yet ? if you have what did you get them?”

  1. smarta$$.stfu? said :

    Call me anything, but Nope, i’m single & having an anti- Valentines. (:

  2. hooker said :

    cant say my b/f keeps looking over my shoulder…the creep

  3. fairlady said :

    nothing yet, gotta figure out what someone twice my age would like

  4. Nominated Y!A Fatty of the Year said :

    No but I would like something from McDonalds

  5. :] said :

    single. (:

  6. Socially Inapt said :

    I got them a chocolate turd.

  7. Jez KoЯn Child Johnson said :

    I got my bf a card a rose thing with a bear and a shirt. X)

  8. Rap's Jack The Ripper said :

    I’m probably just gonna stuff Weird Disturbing Love letters to my love’s locker…even though she probably doesn’t like me.

  9. Jamie said :

    a home made card so thoughtful

  10. God's Girl said :

    I don’t have a lover, but I do have a friend and her birthday is on Valentine’s day. I am probably going to make her some chocolate cupcakes and a beaded angel ornament. Happy valentines day!

  11. Vince said :

    Can’t. My “lover” and I split-up a few years ago. No longer have an address or even a phone # anymore. Oh,….well ! It’s her loss, too.


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