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GUYS: what would your reaction be if you got an anonymous valentine’s rose,card and present? ?

at school i wanna give this guy I like a rose, a card with a poem in it, and two heart shaped chocolates, from “your secret valentine”. it wont seem stalker-like or anything coz at school we’ve got valentine’s day deliveries and stuff. if you TOTALLY didnt expect anything, what would ur reaction be wen u receive it?

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10 Responses to “GUYS: what would your reaction be if you got an anonymous valentine’s rose,card and present? ?”

  1. ELWxo said :

    He would probably be shocked, and want to know who gave it to him.
    If he likes what he got…
    Say you gave it to him and you like him 🙂

  2. tacos said :


  3. Chainaise said :

    I would probably look at it for like 5 minutes, wondering if it’s a prank. Then i would ask around seeing if anyone liked me. Surprises drive me nuts, and excite me at the same time

  4. Edward said :

    I would be really touched. And even if I did not like the girl I would take her out and the worst I made a friend and at best we could go out as a couple.

    I would also like her boldness… Go for it.. and good luck.

  5. Pritiv said :

    this one totally deppends on the guy…like gals guys 2 r different from eachother…if this guy is single i think its better if u do it in person

  6. dave92289 said :

    I would be pumped, because I don’t have that many friends and it would make my day. I also might think someone is playing a trick on me though.

  7. Chelsss said :

    flattered & excited.

  8. anonymous said :


  9. House M.D said :

    I would be embarrassed , because I never get this stuff and I have never got used to these kind of things… But that would be only mine reaction, cause 85% would surely enjoy it, no matter what… Then comes the question – from whom? And then 85% declines to 10% if the guy doesn’t like the girl…

  10. honest questions said :

    My first reaction would be “who gave this to me?”
    Tell me so I can thank her, if I like her, we’ll date.

    That’s totally awesome. Do it.


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