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Good lyric for a Valentine card?

“In the deepest ocean, in the bottom of the sea, your eyes they turn me.”
Is this a good one for a card for my boyfriend for Valentines day? Not too creepy/intense?
I am making a card for him and I wanted to include a lyric. I like this one a lot. It’s Radiohead, he likes them, so. I was just wondering if it was a good lyric for a Valentine card or if it was a little too intense?
Dude, Melo, we ARE dating.

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2 Responses to “Good lyric for a Valentine card?”

  1. Kristina Banta said :

    I don’t think that they will find a solution toyour problem with the info you are telling us. You should probably explain some more so that other people can try to answer with more accuracy.
    Just a thought! 😀

  2. xOneLeafClover said :

    Say: “If love was a labor, I would slave till the end.” I think that’s my favorite love lyric 🙂


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