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Golf Valentines day idea for him?

I already bought 6 chocolate golf balls for my new guy. Any cute ideas of what to do with the golf balls? We are not in the big gift phase yet so we have to stay under $20. I want to show him that I like him and not over do it with huge gifts. Help!

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6 Responses to “Golf Valentines day idea for him?”

  1. xgd'92 said:

    Buying gifts for the avid golfer can be a difficult task, especially when you have only twenty dollars to work with. The good news is that almost all cool golf hats are priced at or under 20 dollars. If he is not a hat wearer or you do not know what size would fit, then you have other options. If he is a good golfer DO NOT BUY GOLF BALLS. I am a scratch golfer and hate it when cheap golf balls are given to me. However if he is not very good, any kind of 20 dollar golf balls would be suitable (Nike, Titleist, Pinnacle, etc.) You could also buy him a towel to clean his clubs when he is playing (about 14 dollars). Another idea would be to go to a golf shop and see what clothes they have on clearance. You can find some very nice shirts for around 25 dollars if you look closely!

  2. Dan said:

    There are several honest websites that sell a variety of inexpensive golf gifts. Here’s a short list:

    Good luck. You should find many items that are $20.00 and under.

  3. Lois said:

    what about painting your cute photos on the golf balls>??
    i just purchased a printer like this.
    it is so fantastic.

  4. Harve said:

    Just buy him a bag of golf Tees, golfers like to be Tees’duh…?

  5. Rock said:

    a kiss and true love will be the best present.

  6. leftyjcw said:

    Pay for a green fee and go with him. Make him feel like you care about the game, even if you don’t. He will get more joy from this than you can ever imagine.


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