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Girls what catches your attention to get your Ex Boyfriend back?

You broke with him and told him to leave you alone…what would he have to do for you to talk to him or rekindle emotions

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12 Responses to “Girls what catches your attention to get your Ex Boyfriend back?”

  1. Shoo M said:

    go down on you and lick both holes at ones.

  2. Melissa L said:

    I don’t ever get back with my exes…to complicated

    Answer mine:

  3. Ocean Garden said:

    Talk sweet to me!
    Take me out, and i would really love if we were alone!
    You sound really cute by the way!

  4. ? said:
  5. Cirelli said:

    Try making some spaghetti.

    2 pounds spaghetti
    Red Wine Vinegar
    McCormick’s Salad Supreme spice
    Italian salad dressing
    Optional – diced cukes, diced Polish sausage.

    Cook spaghetti noodles until slightly undercooked. Cool a bit. Add approximately 1/3 cup red wine vinegar and about 1/2 cup Italian dressing.

    Season with Salad Supreme spice to taste (about 2 tablespoons). Mix often (liquids will settle).

    Salad is best if you can let set covered in the refrigerator for a day or so.

    Add extras IE: cukes, tomatoes, diced sausage, etc. before serving.

  6. d12candy_220 said:

    why would u want to you broke up for a reason. if u didnt then why did u break up

  7. maggie said:

    Talk to her bluntly and ask her to hangout as friends, cause you dont to lose her as a friend. Then from then on you know.

  8. Tia said:

    If I break up with someone, it’s for a good reason, and when I tell them to leave me alone, I mean it. When they keep hounding and harrassing, it turns me off even more.

  9. koko said:

    get with another girl
    see will want you back ya know
    just show her off to her jk
    just mvoe on

  10. leslie k said:

    Too many things that I could not get past would bring me back to any ex. Even a dozen roses every day for a month would make me smile, but not ever take back even one.

  11. WONDER WOMAN said:

    I would not..if he made the mistake of losing me…its a mistake he would have to live with…

  12. angiiluvsfob said:

    You should totally do this…ok you’ll need a thong, and police suit, and a new haircut. Knock up on her door and say “has someone been a bad girl” then come in, strip into thong, then she’ll know how desperate you are and theres bound to be a reaction of some sort! Just make sure to wax your chest!


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