Girls help me out with a valentines gift idea?

alright im 17 and i really like this girl, and im pretty sure she likes me too. we used to have the same luch period but not anymore, so i haven’t rele had a full conversation with her in a about a week. So on v-day i was going to get her something but i dont want her to be wierded out if she just wants to be friends, you know what i mean? What should i do?

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3 Responses to “Girls help me out with a valentines gift idea?”

  1. mali said:

    get her something she likes

    example: she likes the show…. PUCCA!
    get her a pucca plush toy!

    its friendly but since she likes it, then its like wow

  2. Lulu said:

    Buy her a single rose, and put it in her locker if you can get into it. Or leave it on her desk with a note attached from you.
    It’s sweet, and not creepy or pushy. If she just wants to be friends, its not a big deal, cos you only gave her a flower. On the other hand, if she does like you, a rose is heaps romantic, yet subtle.

  3. whisperer said:

    U gotta have SOME stories to tell when ur older-skip outta class & have the same lunch with her. Big deal. You’ll be able to tell if she likes that u did that-us women like guys who take chances. U already said u think she likes u, so…


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