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game ideas for 4 and 6 year old boys?

I babysit two boys they one is 4 and the other is 6. Evertime I see them they ask me to make up a new game for the three of us to play. I’m am running out of ideas. Do you have any ideas for a good game?

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6 Responses to “game ideas for 4 and 6 year old boys?”

  1. lizz7677 said:

    I don’t think it matters wether they are boys or girls, my son is 5 and his favorite thing to do right now is to play with toy dishes. So i suggest a tea party or whatever you don’t have to call it that. They can make lunch for the teddy bears and other toys. It’s lots of fun.

  2. UstabeeSurfGirl said:

    Outdoor treasure hunts (go find 5 different flowers or leaves, what kinds of bugs do you see?, who can find the prettiest rock, etc.) , squirt guns, frisbee throws,

    Indoors, make up an indoor obstacle course using pillows, plastic containers. They have to go over/under chairs, hop over the plastic container, jump backwards over the pillow, etc. Also make an indoor tent using blankets & tables and go “camping” indoors. Pretend to see bears, go for river rides, etc.

  3. dee r said:

    I have babysat with a lot of kids. I find that if I start them playing marbles, or blocks, they use their imaginations and keep themselves occupied for a long time. You do have to be close by in case they start to argue or fight. They also like checkers, and other board games.

  4. whatUtalkingabout said:

    Making houses out of furniture and sheets, kids love making dens

  5. Gorgeous said:

    Turn the sprinklers on and let them run around!!! I still love to do that. Or, you can get that sidewalk chalk and let them draw all over the driveway so they can play hopscotch and 4 square. I used to tutor a class of first graders and they LOVE relay races. If there’s enough kids you can try that too.

  6. sweet16_sfc said:

    Go to the dollar tree and get them a ball and play catch with them. there boys they’ll love it. My nephews 1 and 4 loves it.


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