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Friends to Relationship. Valentines Day Date?!!!?

What are some romantic but causal dates to help show your friend you want to be more than friends?

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4 Responses to “Friends to Relationship. Valentines Day Date?!!!?”

  1. Vanessa A said:

    Maybe a home made dinner and watch a movie at home. I say this because you’ll be comfortable at your house. Plus, I’ve always thought home made meals for someone means you care about them. If you don’t like that idea maybe you should go to watch a movie at the theaters and then go out to dinner and at dinner give them a valentines day card and let your friend know how you’re feeling in the card. I know for me it’s always way easier to tell someone how I’m feeling when I write it down in a letter.

  2. chiiinnng! said:

    Indoor garden museums are always fun to walk around and see the exotic flowers, trees, and shrubs. It’ll give you a chance to talk and laugh.

  3. Lady Jade said:

    definitely make him some good food. you could even invite over another couple so it wont seem so suspicious at first and then when u get him alone tell him exactly how u feel. thats what i did with my boyfriend and we’ve been togeter for 3 years now.

  4. Health Tourism said:

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