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for Valentines my date gave me a whole box of?

laxatives!!! i went to the bathroom all day during our date… when i finally confronted him he simply said ” Jeez i was just trying to make you lose that bloated look so you could fix in this here dress”…………… do you think he truly loves ,me? is he marriage material?

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14 Responses to “for Valentines my date gave me a whole box of?”

  1. rob_eb said:


  2. Hannah the Princess said:

    ew….no. that was mean. i would have been PISSED!!!

  3. Ťîff§ ¼ ßΰłłəя said:

    lol that is sooo funny
    i believe it’s true love ♥

  4. mary k said:


  5. Izzle said:


    just…be happy =]

  6. baby said:

    Yes, he’s a keeper!

  7. pun82224 said:

    I’m not sure just what he is but that sure is something different..I guess it was the thought

  8. Miss Britney Spears said:

    i don’t really get it. is he calling you fat?

  9. tlade510 said:

    No, he is not marriage material he is very insensitive. If he think that is a way to show someone love or humor on such a day and nothing else to back it up to soften the blow then he is most definetly an NO. What you need to do is take a few of those laxatives and give him a dose of what comes out!!!!

  10. Jamaican Irie said:

    H3LL NO!

  11. Shirlthewhirl said:

    Gosh that was a mean thing to do.
    if he truly loved you he would love you as you are not try to make you lose weight!!!
    The dress i would have told him to poke it.
    marriage material? – gosh no he would be a control freak!! If he gave you a laxative to make you lose weight what else would he be capable of.
    Dump him!!!

  12. Sarah M said:

    Girl you better dump him now. That is not healthy at all.

  13. sarah said:

    I would walk away. He should not have done that. He should be accepting you just the way you are. There was no need to do this to you. I can see him doing this to a guy as a joke. I would not consider this man to be marriage material if he feels he has to go through such childish ways to make his woman look the way he wants her too. Very superficial. Men and women think and act differently.

  14. Star25 said:

    Yuck, what kind of loving boyfriend does that? If he doesn’t like the fact you may look bloated sometimes, then no he is not marriage material. A loving husband would not care about such a thing.


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