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Do Valentines date? (Boys)?

Do Valentines date? Like are they just like b/f g/f for that day? or going out?

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4 Responses to “Do Valentines date? (Boys)?”

  1. nickjonaswifey1 said:

    i dont get ur question

  2. Nicholas said:

    They don’t have to. I know a lot of people who will ask close friends or crushes to be their valentine even if they aren’t dating or in a relationship. It’s a very light-hearted event in most cultures.

  3. Jessica D said:

    not always .. it can be just a date for the night =)

  4. Hot Cherry said:

    Its Just dating, unless you were going out before.
    If I’m not dating any one person, I’d go out with a friend or friends. It can be a day for “sweethearts” to enjoy together.
    If you don’t know how he feels just go out and have some fun, get to know each other better.


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