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did u hear about the girl they bully her on formspring and she commit SUICIDE?

very sad story. they ask her mean question, rude question on formspring, than she HANG HERSELF/


do u think formspring is a bad website, shud they shut it down?

PS (iam not talking abt the girl who was bully on myspace a few yrs ago, this is more recent thing)

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15 Responses to “did u hear about the girl they bully her on formspring and she commit SUICIDE?”

  1. m-swizzle is gettin' abs! said:

    err no i didn’t hear about that but that is sad
    oy social networking sites cause so much drama nowadays hah.

  2. Sarah said:

    I think the girl who killed herself because of a few rude comments on the INTERNET was sort of an idiot. It’s a sad story, but don’t blame the website.

  3. ♥ kat 'xo said:

    Yeah I heard about it, it’s very sad… but she had other problems too and that’s why she killed herself because it got to her… it wasn’t just the site that killed her, she was having problems in her actual real life as well. No they shouldn’t shut the site down.

  4. hannah. said:

    Look, when people have the opportunity to tell someone off without them knowing who said it, it’s going to happen. It’s horrible that this happened to that girl but if you get a formspring you need to prepare for some hurtful things.

  5. Waffles said:

    Aww- I don’t even have one. Formspring is only good for lowering self esteem.

  6. נєsѕ#2♥ said:

    No, but a few days ago I disabled my account. That’s sad. I disabled mine because someone kept sending me pictures of fat people and said it was me. I just got annoyed so I disabled it. Poor girl however, she probably didn’t deserve that.

  7. ♥ Hello my <3 ♥ said:

    I know its so sad 🙁

    And i dont think its bad, i mean people who are too afraid to ask u questions in real life can ask u questions on there. Of course they’re gonna be stupid people who think they can insult you there because they can be anomious.

    Formspring isnt bad she defintely overreacted though, if you cant take critisism/harsh things than dont get a formsping. Im sure she knew this beforehand before making a formspring.


  8. cilla, i'm bout that. said:

    what i didn’t hear about that. Thats very sad. Formspring is a bad website. People can just ask all the rude questions they want and they can’t do anything about it. I had a feeling formspring would lead to something bad. There was even a rumor going around that april 1 they were gonna post the names of the people who were anonymous. They do need to shut it down if its lead to suicide.

    But then again, if she didn’t want people to say hurtful things, then she shouldn’t have made one. Every person gets those “hate” questions. She should’ve known those questions were gonna pop up.

  9. Osiris said:

    And if you see her memorial groups on Facebook, people are STILL saying mean things about her.

  10. Katelyn! said:

    I myself have a formspring and on occasion it can get nasty. But it’s honestly kind of the same as the truth box on both myspace and facebook. Shall we shut those sites down, too? It was said before here – but if you have the power of being anonymous, most people will abuse it. If it was really bothering her that much she could’ve gone to authorities, say at her school (if she was in school, I assume she was), and they could’ve tracked down the IP address of the computer it was being sent from, and ultimately the sender. Could have maybe saved her own life, had she said something.
    People really just need to know that bullying is unacceptable and that it can be stopped.
    (I myself have been bullied and such before, won’t go into detail, but I know what it’s like)

  11. Sarah said:

    If your talking about Alexis Pilkington anyone whos disrespecting her really needs to not. She lived by me and was friends with A LOT of my friends. you all dont know what your talking about so just dont. If this was your friend you wouldnt want people saying things like “Well she shouldnt have even made one” or ” She shouldnt have taken it so seriously” . Just saying. If thats who your talking about people commenting this need to learn a respect lesson.

    formsprings bad and yeah prob they should.

  12. кαяєη. ♥ said:

    that’s so sad.
    & no i haven’t heard about it until now.

  13. ❀Ꮮε Flεur Ᏸεcs✿ & a SWEET Mullet said:

    I did hear about that & it made me sad 🙁

    I read that she was new to her town and all the guys liked her so a lot of the girls got together to make fun of her because they were jealous. I hope they feel really really bad because they have to live with knowing what they did forever. It should teach other girls not to be so evil to each other.

  14. Shelley♥ said:

    yea i did
    no it shouldnt be banned she should have deleted her formspring

  15. Nick said:

    I HERD! It was so sad, now her father is pressing charges on the cyber bullies. It’s a very odd suicide, because all these people liked her, many friends, good looking, played soccer and other sports, then all the sudden shes dead. I think there is more to this this than just a formspring


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