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Did anyone have a sweet Valentines day or night with your spouse?

I took her out for a nice dinner (also a banquet last tuesday night too).
We talked and laughed and held hands. 17 yrs of marriage and going strong.

Saturday night she put chocolate kisses all over the bed and a card for me to read.

Later on we……..hey, nevermind that information…hehehe.

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15 Responses to “Did anyone have a sweet Valentines day or night with your spouse?”

  1. Rainbow Brite said:

    Good for you two!
    Our anniversary is Valentines day. We dressed up. Went to fabulous dinner. Sat in back row at the movie and fooled around a little. Had champagne and candlelight and exchanged gifts.
    Stayed up till dawn…. It was wonderful.

  2. ♠ Krystal ♠ said:

    LOL.. Good deal. I don’t have a spouse, but me and a close guy friend and i hit the slots and I won a few thous. I was celebrating just moving into my 1st place solo after having to stay at a homeless shelter a few months. Twas a great V-Day.

  3. hangninthere said:

    That’s awesome. My husband and I argued the whole weekend because he forgot!

  4. dingding said:

    Good for you – I love it! Yes, we got last-minute, late-night reservations at the restaurant where he took me a couple of years ago before he proposed to me. The food was wonderful, and the company was even better. We’ve both been really busy lately and have been feeling like two ships passing in the night, so it was great to have a nice evening together.

  5. Ts said:

    He was on call this weekend…everytime got close the phone rang non stop. We decided to postpone until next weekend..we are planning a hot date!!! I can’t wait!!

  6. LifelessDolly said:

    yea, same here 😉
    no, but seriously my v-day wasn’t so pleasant.
    he got me beautiful roses and a beautiful teddy bear.
    but i picked a fight before the night ended :/
    so i ruined it for him..
    tried making up for it yesterday, yet again, i managed to make him upset…
    me and my big mouth 🙁

  7. ♥ ♥HONESTY RULES♥♥ said:

    He wasted a buttload of money and sent me roses at work….

  8. thefairystepmother said:

    My husband yelled at me and said that I don’t do anything around the house but sit at the computer and bark orders at everyone. I told him I was leaving and he told me to get the *&^% out. Happy V-day.

  9. ~NIKKI~ said:

    No woman is truly happy on Valentines day unless her man has a chocolate penis that ejaculates money

  10. Red Rose Love said:

    WooW, you are lucky lol.

    No, my husband is away for a while now.

    So no Valantines day, no anniversery spent togather 4 a loooong time now 🙁

    But its nice to hear other ppl enjoyed it, so good 4 u 🙂

  11. hyperchild2303 said:

    My husband picked me up from work & suprised me by making me a lovely dinner & rented a couple of movies to watch. it was so sweet, with champagne & a candle lit dinner. I cried it was so nice.

  12. wishbone2006 said:

    Yes, but won’t go into any details. It got weird at times (what went on with us) and very exciting.

  13. mommy2 said:

    My husband bought me a half dozen roses and a card. I would of been happy with just a card but he was making up for last year. I bought him some truffles and a card then he got the best present at bedtime hubba hubba!!!

  14. Constellation said:

    Oh it was so great! We went downtown to the art museum, then strolled around till we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and then came back home and snuggled in.
    It was so nice to spend time together and enjoy one another’s company.

  15. I luv my kids said:

    Nope but it sounds like you guys did.


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