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Did anyone else’s boyfriend not get them a Valentine Day gift or card?

I got him a gift,card and I paid for dinner because I have been working more hours than him.But he did not even get me card.He did not even say Happy Valentine’s Day till we were at the restaurant and I toasted us with a drink.I sent him a text for Valentine’s day first thing in the morning.

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10 Responses to “Did anyone else’s boyfriend not get them a Valentine Day gift or card?”

  1. schwartz73 said :

    lol sounds like a winner

  2. Yahoo+u=crap said :

    Valentine’s day is a joke anyway.

  3. lgg19632001 said :

    you should start looking for a replacement, he obviously thinks your lucky to have him

  4. Kate said :

    Yikes I’m sorry. How ungrateful of him.
    Mine said the obligatory “Happy Valentines Day” at midnight because he told me minutes before that he didn’t get me anything and was going to the next day because he “forgot”. I told him to forget it because it was too late (joke since it was midnight) so he waiting til the clock ticked 12:00 and shouted happyvalentinesday and looked very pleased with himself. Psh. I’d told him for two weeks that I was going home on Valentines Day (it was my Grandma’s 98th bday) but did he plan ahead… no.

  5. lissett said :

    yah that happened to my friends most guys are like that yr not the only one

  6. Bridget S said :

    If he doesn’t consider Valentine’s day anything special that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. I got flowers, but my husband always does that, just because. Considering we both forget our anniversary, that’s pretty good. If a holiday is important to you, and you know what he’s like, lower your expectation, and plan what you want to do with him. Tell him you want a gift, and card, or tell him you want him to romance you.

  7. yeSh itZ aNa said :

    he can show you love the 365 days of the year….. valentines is just another day like the others….its not gifts that count!

  8. Lonely said :

    Your boyfriend sounds about like my boyfriend (if that’s what you want to call him). I called him in the morning got his voicemail and left him a message saying happy valentines day. I got him a card and got nothing in return. He never even said happy valentines day to me. I only got to see him for 10 minutes. So no you are not alone. I wish there were more good guys out there. Cheers!

  9. davisjessicaaof said :

    That really sucks. I have to nag my boyfriend a little bit about Valentine’s day. Although he is never hesitant to say he loves me or show affection. But we went to a dinner theater, and I had to basically drag him and then force the card from his wallet to pay for it :/ He won’t say happy Valentine’ day unless I say it first, or just tell him to wish me a happy V-day. Kinda sad, but I say if you are worried about him, I always refer to the “five love languages”. I think it came from a specialist on Oprah or something, and it sounds cheesy and I hate Oprah… but read on.

    There are five love languages, and most people express love using two of the five languages. Sometimes they just express one, but maybe in abundance.

    1. Gift Giving
    2. Service (doing things for you like holding doors or getting your coat, etc.)
    3. Touching (like hugging, holding your hand, etc.)
    4. Quality time (when your bf attention is focus solely on you)
    5. Words of Affirmation (telling you how pretty you are, how much they love you, etc.)

    So maybe your bf expresses one of those? And you just want numbers 5 and 1? For me and my bf, I try to give 1 & 2, and he’s always giving 3 & 4. So sometimes the balance of things doesn’t work well, but when we understand each other and the way in which we express love it is a lot easier to love one another. Try to talk about this with your bf, or at least identify in which way he expresses love.

    Hope this helps ^_^

  10. Delisa Corvin said :

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