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Cute Valentines Day Stories =D?

How was your valentines day? What was the cutest that happened? What did you guys do?
Post your really sweet romantic vday stories <3 My boyfriend had to work on valentines night so were going to do our valentines on monday night. While he was working i went out to finish picking up his gift and an outfit to wear for monday. While i was out my phone had died so i wasnt even able to text him. After it had been off for a while i tried turning it back on to see if it would work. In a couple of secinds I got a flood of text messages from my boyfriend saying that he was trying to get off work early and that he was gunna pay someone to take the rest of it so he could be with me. Then he called and told me one of our friends took his shift and that he would pick me up at 8pm. Righ after he said he would pick me up at 8 my phone died. I was so lucky it held up till right then. I also happened to be in the same shopping center as outback which was where we had made reservations for the following night so i was able to run over quick and change the reservations. It worked out so good <3 what happened to you?

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5 Responses to “Cute Valentines Day Stories =D?”

  1. Rebecca:) said:

    My Bf had gone out to work like he was doing a case well sorting it out down in the office and yeah i felt a bit annoyed waking up to that but we both are careers people in the law business so it happens. So it was a struggle to get out of bed but i did in the end! and there was a selection of croissants out and a little note saying He loved me.. which was dead cute and then i got a texted from my friend asking to go out for a run perfect i thought so quickly dashed down to the park did an hour of running and she was like i have to run so she did and i usually just walk back going past this place we always used to go the sheltered bit and there he was ‘Hello Honey’ that kind of made my day..I love surprised..and then we had a picnic

    they were all in on it :L

  2. joe said:

    i preached to people that valentines day is just a commercial fake holiday brought back by industry to fill the holiday gap between christmas and easter 🙂 <3

  3. The Computer Nerd said:

    Yeah I have one:
    Once upon a time…F**** You…The End

  4. Tabitha said:

    well me and my boyfriend exchanged gifts, i decorated a jar and put in 101 reasons why i love him, and i got a basket and filled it with cookies and Nerds(cause he’s such a nerd sometimes) and Lifesaver gummies(because he saves me from my bad days) and I made this book with our pictures and cut out pictures from magazines and tied it with ribbon 🙂
    and he got me a build a bear, and a rose and chocolates, and he made this cute card and this heart pops out haha. then we went out to chili’s 🙂
    i also made him watch the notebook with me, but he wasn’t really paying attention, if ya know what i mean 😉

  5. Emily:) said:

    I liked this guy but I was always too scared to say anything to him. Valentines day I was in my room and i heard something hitting my window so I looked outside and they guy I liked was standing on my lawn. I opened my window and he was holding a sign that said “dinner?” so i got ready and he was waiting at the door for me with roses and a box of chocolates and told me that hed been trying to build up the courage to ask me out for months, but he was scared to 🙂 anyways, it was cute and he reminded me of a disney prince, and i love disney (L)


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