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Could you please give me an after dinner idea for Valentines day?

I already have reservations at a very nice restaurant but not so sure what to do after that…I live in NYC and it’s really cold here so walking at Central Park is not an option and she doesn’t like Broadway shows so please give me some indoor ideas and please don’t suggest watching movies at home…Thank you all in advance……….

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3 Responses to “Could you please give me an after dinner idea for Valentines day?”

  1. rockstar07 said :

    Get a picture frame and put a picture of both of you in it. Then, behind the picture write a message or a poem.
    That makes it personal and from the heart.

    Hope I helped….. = )

    Happy V Day!!

  2. Bobby said :


    I don’t know about NYC, but here in Chicago, many couples often go out for a nice ride around the city in a horse- drawn carriage.
    I’ve done it before, myself… In January!
    It’s not that cold in the carriage… Besides, you’ve got each other to keep warm (he said, with a knowing wink!)
    I’m certain you can do the same there!
    It’s really a beautiful way to see your home town… And it doesn’t cost too much, either!
    Good Luck, and Peace,

  3. Mercury 2010 said :

    I’m sorry but this is probably pretty un original, but If I go to a nice dinner, when I’m done, I continue to stay dressed and end up hitting a swanky bar. every girl wants to “show off” a little and a bar is a great place. Key is to not let others give her too much attention. she might be pleased to see you scurry to gain and win her attention for the rest of the night.

    its all about the consistent style though.

    you wouldn’t want to end up in a sports bar afterwards, more like a jazz club or spoken word type place. Valets are a + for her self image. Even a nice Latino dance club can be loads of fun from time to time if you can get into the tempo of the music. not to mention its sex appeal.

    sorry, I’m in austin and am unfamiliar with ny


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