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Ok so I’m 17 and my boyfriend is 19. We’ve been going out for alittle over 2 years, and have a very intimate relationship. I want to do something for him this valentines day that is meaningful/romantic, but towards the end of the night intimate/naughty. Its the best of both worlds. I was thinking about buying him a box of chocolates, and under each piece of chocolate putting a coupon for him that i made myself. Besides that, i thought of going to spencers and getting this book they have that you and your partner fill out together to learn more about eachother mentally and sexually. I think it could be fun, what do you all think of the idea?? My last idea was taking some sexy pix in this laungerie i bought specially for valentines day. But I dont know when to show them to him! cuz im keeping them in my camera. So tell me when the perfect time to show him would be!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME TIE THIS WHOLE DAY TOGETHER FOR HIM!!! REMEMBER ROMANTIC IN THE BEGINNING, INTIMATE TOWARD THE END! ( I dont have a house to use for this day, so home cooked meal, with candles, ect. is out unfortunatly) TELL ME ANY IDEAS AND WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MINE!

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5 Responses to “CAN YOU TIE MY WHOLE VALENTINES DAY IDEA TOGETHER FOR ME, and give me your opinion!!?”

  1. Rachel said:

    Your idea with the chocolate sounds PERFECT

  2. ryan k said:

    ever thought about going ice skating? Roller blading in the park?
    making him a build-a-bear and then making hold a gift certificate?
    what about buying him tickets to a baseball game…planning ahead for that?
    what about american express with a teddy bear and chocolates?

  3. Doudoronious said:

    Send him the pictures so he can show them to his friends!

    He tells all his friends about the things you do anyways, in graphic detail too!

  4. Misty H said:

    Get him chocolates and underneath each put a small dare like kiss me or massage my shoulders.

    Do the mentally and sexually book thing.

    At night do a truth or dare like i dare you to take your top off and you know the rest.

    Finally finish the night with………….. MORE CHOCOLATES but not just any chocolates, the chocolates in a shape of boobs or something.

    If you want ideas for gifts go on…

  5. Kinu said:

    I don’t care how much you love him and how much he loves you! You need a new rule! Dont EVER EVER take lingerie or naked pictures of yourself. And don’t EVER EVER share them with him! NEVER! This is a big mistake.

    You are only 17, and I hope you don’t disregard what i’m saying, but there is a 90% chance that you 2 won’t get married, even if you are totally in love right now.

    If you are an exception to the rule, and you are with him forever, then wait until you are married to take pictures, etc.

    I have other thoughts about your post, but this is the one that concerned me the most!


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