Can you help my sister find cheap Valentines date ideas?

10 points for best answer. not the mall or a movie please

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2 Responses to “Can you help my sister find cheap Valentines date ideas?”

  1. Ryes said:

    I received the best anniversary gift from my wife earlier this month.This may be a great idea for your sister. Like I mentioned, I celebrated my three year anniversary with my the wife on the 13th of this month. We usually go all out, but with the economy being in such bad shape we decided to keep the spending at a minimal. I got my wife a TV box set, and she got me the most original gift EVER. She found this site that makes personalized love songs, I was speechless it is the most amazing gift I have ever received. The song is completely tailor made for the recipient, it is HOT!!!!!! To go with it she made me a desert that she made up herself, and a meal to go with it. Everything was original and one of a kind. That was the theme. Personalized gifts are always better, they come from the heart. Anyone can go to the mall and pick up a sale item or a CD, make it count. Good Luck!!!!

  2. Splinter said:

    Uh- No.


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