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Can the human eye detect a difference between HDTV resolutions?

720P and 1080i or 1080P. Can the human eye detect the difference between these HDTV resolutions?

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9 Responses to “Can the human eye detect a difference between HDTV resolutions?”

  1. wigginsray said:

    I can tell the difference between 720p and 1080i. More depends on the source, I’ve found that the recorded formats like BluRay and HD-DVD have alot of artifacting that make 1080i look worse than it should.

  2. matt_zupka said:

    In my opinion, no. I personally can’t tell the difference between regular tv and HDTV, so I see no difference in the higher resolutions. Same with DVD vs Blu-Ray and HDDVD…I see no differences.

  3. Gaga Warlock said:

    Ummm…no, but keeping the price tag on the TV while watching does seem to help you detect the difference. It is amazing how the price tag just seems to make the difference jump out at you.

  4. Bad Samaritan said:

    It always depends on the quality of the source. You can broadcast anything anymore in 1080i HDTV, but it doesn’t come close to something completely made for HDTV.

  5. William T said:

    Yep. Watch The Empire Strikes Back on all three you will see a difference.

  6. RHJ said:

    Without question, under the proper conditions – with quality source material and the proper equipment – most people with normal visual acuity can readily distinguish the difference in resolution between a true 720 lines and a true 1080 lines.

  7. Brian O said:

    I cannot see the difference between 480p,720p or 1080i. But I can see a tremendous difference between those three and 1080p. If you are using a Blu-Ray player and Blu-ray DVD with a quality 1080p tv you WILL see the difference, there is not doubt about it, and if you don’t you need your eyes checked. The reason why most people won’t see the difference between HD DVD and a normal dvd player is because right now the newest generation HD DVD players only output 720p. They are not 1080p.

  8. allthegoodonesaretakensoblowme said:

    yes, there is a difference. i see hdtv’s all day everyday. but to be honest you probably wont see much of a difference between 720p and 1080i if you dont look at them side by side, however if you get too used to seeing 1080i, it will probably be like going from dvd back to vhs quality.

  9. Mike said:

    I have a 40″ Samsung Series 8 LCD with full HD (1080p) TV which has a brillaint picture. I then acquired a Vigin V box to receive HD. All connections are via HDMi cables and the TV and V box are programmed correctly but neither I nor any of my family can see any difference in picture quality. Is this a testimony to the quality of my TV?!


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