Can a girl get a guy to like her by sending him a Valentine’s Day card?

I went out with a guy once, but he never called back. I’ve been sending him texts but he doesn’t respond. If I send him a nice Valentine’s Day card with a poem I’ve written, will that show him I care and make him want to see me again?

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9 Responses to “Can a girl get a guy to like her by sending him a Valentine’s Day card?”

  1. Darb D said:

    no that’s what you would want.

    if you can get this…then you’ll have easy relationships for the rest of your life.

  2. regerugged said:

    No. I say give it up. It may be easier for me to say and harder for you to do. If he is not interested, you will not persuade him. The pheromones are not right.

  3. Rahul D said:

    sure why not? there is nothing harm in doing so. right? just send him and dont worry.

    Happy Valentine Day

  4. School Pandit said:

    If I am that guy, then no. Sorry.

    I dont know about others but for me that would look a desperate attempt which will make me even run farther from the gal.


  5. Tiffany said:

    no it sounds like he is not that into you it will make you look like a stalker

  6. xcobwebzx said:

    Look it seems like this guy simply is not interested in being with you.
    I know this may seem harsh, and I know because I have been in this situation myself, but if somebody seems to simply be ignoring you then they most probably are, sending them a valentines day card wont actually help the situation and quite frankly this boy does not seem worth the effort if he is ignoring you.

    If you are that desperate to make him talk to you again why not instead of sending him texts, talk to him in person, try to sort out why exactly he hasn’t been replying to your texts.

    I hope this has helped 🙂

  7. Chelsy. said:

    I think it would be wayyy too much.
    He obviously knows you care, cause you keep calling/texting.
    Just don’t do that, and see what happens. Maybe you blowing him off will get him to come back. But I don’t recommend sending the card. It’s a little too over the top. It would be different if he were talking to you.

    Sorry! 🙁

  8. Tasha C said: doesn’t seem like he’s interested…maybe you should get one for someone else you like…

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