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At what age should children who receive allowance, contribute to household expenses?

My friends were surprised to learn that I require my children to contribute to household expenses even though they are only five and seven. They receive five and seven dollars for allowance. The younger pays a quarter for lights, gas, cable and food. One dollar total. The older pays fifty cents for each. Two dollars total. They have to save half of what they have left. The other half is theirs to do what they please. Do you think this is harsh?

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7 Responses to “At what age should children who receive allowance, contribute to household expenses?”

  1. Mike acton said:

    I reporting you to Department of Social Services

  2. Karly K said:

    I understand that you are trying to make them understand some life lessons but 5 and 7 is a little young. I would stick with the allowance and making them save half and spend the other is good. The bills part is a little too much.

  3. Agenora said:

    I don’t know…I never got an allowance. What do your kids think about helping with expenses?

  4. Miriam H said:

    That is a bit excessive. I don’t think they are at that right age to be learning this. For the rest of their lives they will always think they need to support the family when in reality they don’t need to worry about that for at least 20 years. They will always feel they owe you something and that the hard money they earned will never be used just for their pleasure.It it one thing to want to teach what money is used for, but let them feel proud for earning their money and let them do what they want with it. They are still kids, don’t make them grow up before they are ready.

  5. Dew said:

    I think it is ridiculous at this age.If they do chores around the house and you and your Husband has agreed to give them an allowance then it is there money.I have 3 children and If they do there chores they get an allowance to spend how they please.Now when there Birthday and other Holidays come and they get a bunch of money then I do insist they put at least some of the money into there savings account.Which they see there statement every month and now how to deposit and with drawl.When My oldest turned 16 and he got a job.He got a used car and then got a after school job and then he paid for his own car inc.and his own cell phone bill.If your semi Adult children re still at home at the age 18 and on I can see helping out with some expensive,But at the age of 5-7 no way .I know you are trying to teach them responsibility But at this age they don’t really comprehend what you are trying to teach them.Please let them be kids and Don’t stop teaching them,But wait to make them pay for them living there!

  6. aryloves2draw said:

    I think it is very harsh. Personally, i think i am not going to give my children allowance. When they need money for something ill give it to them but why should i pay them every week? Food, shelter, and clothing and of course love isnt enough?
    For those people who do give allowance however, they arent doing something completely wrong. They are teaching an important lesson for the real world. I dont think that you should teach this lesson at such young ages.

  7. katiebeth1821 said:

    There are other ways to teach them like make them do age appropriate chores to earn the money. Another way is make them put half of there allowance into a bank that way it can grow and make it fun by showing them a paper how much money is in there bank. let them see it grow.
    They don’t understand the whole light and gas thing.
    Making them to chores will teach them the Value for the buck.
    My plan was when my son gets older and he wants a cell he can do chores and i was going to get prepaid phone for him that way he can either spend his money on something he wants or get minutes for his phone.


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