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At what age did you have your child get the MMR shot? And were there any reactions?

My doc recommends 12 months, but i dont know..

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5 Responses to “At what age did you have your child get the MMR shot? And were there any reactions?”

  1. Parent said:

    Don’t remember the ages but there were little if any reactions to all their shots.

  2. and then there's Maude! said:

    I don’t remember the age, we just got all of the shots the dr says to give them at certain points. My son never had any reactions to any shots.

  3. kbk823 said:

    My three kids are fully vaccinated (for their ages), and have never had any reaction beyond mild fevers and crabbiness that were easily controlled with a little infant’s Tylenol. This includes my child who was a technical preemie.

  4. Linda K said:

    The doctors do recommend 12 months. Personally we have not been able to get our daughters MMR shots (she has an auto immune disorder that is treated with steroids). She is currently 17 months but as soon as she is able (must be off the steroids for 6 months) than she will get the shot immediately. Currently however she is up to date on all of her shots (including the flu shots) and she has had no reactions what so ever.

  5. luvmy4boyz said:

    All 4 of my children got it sometime between 12 and 15 months, and they had no reactions aside from a little soreness at the injection site.


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