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Are you thankful for being able to send out Valentine Day cards to family and friends?

Here is my card to all of you in Yahoo Land!

Even the one that called me an “Idiot”.

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11 Responses to “Are you thankful for being able to send out Valentine Day cards to family and friends?”

  1. Beer Advocate said :

    No, It’s a waste of money.

  2. Lynn said :

    I’m not thankful to send cards, I’m thankful to be alive and to see my friends and family another day.

    Happy V. Day to you too!

  3. cameron said :

    happy Valentines day to you too and I like to send card to my familly and friends.

  4. gigischildcare said :

    Thank you so much I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day too!

  5. Cryptic said :

    Yes i am

    Thx XD

  6. LIL MAMA said :

    I am thankful for the opportuinity to share valentines day with the people I love but I’m very thankful to share any day with the people I love.

  7. sweetea said :

    Yes, I am thankful for being able to do that. It’s nice to celebrate all special relationships on this day.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. Guessses said :

    I refuse to sponsor Hallmark more than I already have too! LOL

  9. Monterey said :

    Thank you, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I actually got mine out on time, so I am thankful for that! lol

    You are showing you are a better person that ‘that’ person that called you that. I know your not fretting, most people that call others names like that have a low self esteem.

    I hope you enjoy your day.

  10. kelly p said :

    thank you!!!! i needed that!

  11. mcvities said :

    Happy Valentine to you too, at least for saying a happy valentine to us on Yahoo land


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