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Are You Happily Married, And If So How Long?

I’m only 16 and I’ve been thinking about the future, I’ve always wanted to get married, but the fact that so many people get divorced and that so many people say “oh marriage is just a stupid certificate” and “marriage is dumb” has not only discouraged me but made me extremely depressed. The only hope has been that my parents have been married for a good amount of time and they till joke around and love each other. But this constant negativity has been getting to me. I need some more assurance.
I’m actually a dude

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10 Responses to “Are You Happily Married, And If So How Long?”

  1. Taurean said:

    I am happily married for the last 22 years.

  2. Julie mama to 1 boy and 3 girls! said:

    Yes, for nine years now. My parents have been married for 30 years…..

  3. AL B Here said:

    Actually since you are the child of happily married parents increases your chances of finding someone to be happily married too.

    Yes I am happily married, 3 years. second marriage. First wife ran off with another man.

  4. Skys the limit. said:

    Happily married for almost 5 years.
    We been together for almost 11 years in total.
    We have twins, boy and girl.
    He is honest, sweet, faithful, handsome, caring, althetic, charming, funny, laid back and protective.

  5. James Eames said:

    Yes, I’ve been married to my wife for four years. I know it’s not as long as others on here, but marrying my wife has been about the best experience I’ve ever done. There’s so many profound changes that come along with it, not to mention responsibilities.
    We dated for two years before I proposed to her. And now we have a beautiful baby boy, which is amazing.

  6. groundhog said:

    5 years. I’m happily married but my wife isn’t.

  7. I love Gerard Butler said:

    im almost 5 years married, and even though in my heart i feel i have nothing to worry about. the stories of cheating, betrayal and divorce get to me too.

    sometimes i wonder to myself what was the point of getting married if im going to be cheated on since all men apparently cheat.

    my husband and i dont have a perfect marriage. i am about 70% happy, the other 30% is based on how other marital struggles make me feel about my own marriage.

    i feel that my husband is honest, he’s hard working and we have a good sex life. however, a tiny part of me refuses to bellieve my marriage could last.

    aside from what i hear from others and their crappy marriages, the trophy for ruining marriage for me goes to my parents.

    my parents hate each other and have been married 30 years. if i knew i would end up like them, id shoot my brains out.
    they are so miserable with each other, i am baffled they havent killed one another.

    my mother trashes my father and what a prick he allegedly is.
    my father trashes my mother and what a narcississt she is.

    i have very little faith in marriage in general because of what ive been exposed to the past 26 years.

    you however have a great example at home and im sure your parents can give you some hope.

    good luck.

  8. Sir Viever said:

    Don’t be discouraged about marriage. Just realize that it’s not some magical emotional state you get swept up in, it’s facing someone and the two of you promise each other that you won’t just live together, but you see after each others” needs. Success among married couples go way up when both people in the marriage are 28 years of age or older. That’s because you need to know yourself before making the decision about whom you are going to marry and getting to know yourself if a process that can’t be sped up and doesn’t happen until your late twenties. Don’t be in a hurry, but don’t be afraid of it. Great marriages are worth it.

  9. Amy said:

    I am happily married to my husband. We celebrated our 25th anniversary last June. We lived together 1 1/2 yrs before we got married so technically we’ve been living together 27 yrs now.

    I’m not gonna lie and say it’s been all sunshine and roses, we’ve had some tough times that would have broken up a lot of couples but we stuck it out. Sometimes I forgave him for his mistakes and sometimes he forgave me for my mistakes. See, I think that forgiveness is the key – none of us are perfect so we all need to be forgiven when we screw up. If you aren’t willing to forgive someone else, how can you expect forgiveness when you need it.

    The reward for getting thru the tough times is that each time our love and relationship have been even stronger than it was before. Plus we feel even more sure that we can get thru whatever happens next as long as we’re together. Life is tough, things happen that you have no control over but you have to deal with – you’ll make mistakes that you have to deal with the consequences of, hopefully you’ll learn from them and not make them over and over – but in any case, it’s so nice to have someone by your side that you know has your back, someone you can talk things over with as you try to decide what is right for you both.

    Even tho we’ve had the tough times and he has really made me cry sometimes I wouldn’t give up one minute of it for anything. The tough times have taught us a lot about ourselves and each other. He is the most wonderful man on the planet and I love him with everything in me. Don’t let anyone tell you that there are no good men in this world because there are. Men feel love just as strongly as women, they just don’t express it in the same way.

    BTW, I was terrified of marriage. I was determined that I would not ever get divorced and I waited until I really found the right guy. Even then I was so nervous and sick the last few weeks before we got married it was ridiculous. I couldn’t eat or sleep, I was a wreck and I almost asked him to just continue living with me and not get married but I really wanted marriage. It’s not just a piece of paper, it’s a vow that you both will stick it out thru the tough times and stand by each other no matter what. I really wanted that. Honestly I love him so much more now than I did back in 1985 when we got married it’s unreal. I didn’t even know I could love someone this much.

    So don’t give up on marriage. Wait for a guy that treats you like you deserve and one that you want to treat like he deserves too. You should be best friends and be able to laugh with each other when bad things happen. I think my best advice would be to never tell each other what to do. You can tell the other what you think, offer advice, make suggestions but in my experience telling your spouse what to do can really be bad for a relationship.

  10. cowboydoc said:

    Our fifty fifth wedding is coming up. It’s not all peaches and cream. It has a lot of bumps and pot holes but you have to overcome them. Being honest with your spouse, trust worthy and in love, trust will bring love. Share and work together, no hansy pansy under the table. If and when you see trouble under the table let it out and talk about it.


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