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Any tips to get a date before valentines day?

I’m 15 and love valentines day, what girl doesn’t? anyway last year i was excited cos i had a boyfriend so i was thinking us going out on valentines but it didn’t work out, i wont go into details but bout 3 days before v day we Split, this year again really excited, had a boyfriend but i dumped him in december, again its complicated but i definitely couldn’t of stayed wit him cos of the reason, now we’ve got a valentines dance at school and i really wanna go but i don’t have a date, i don’t want to spend valentines wit a tub o ice cream lol any ideas? P.s. non of the guys at my school ar good looking or nice for that matter so i can’t go wit one of them x

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2 Responses to “Any tips to get a date before valentines day?”

  1. Letty said:

    yeah be yourself be safe and stuff like this takes time is not just an occasion thing

  2. m e l ! ยง a said:

    you won’t be the only one spending vday alone this year. i’m sure there will be tons of single guys at the dance. have fun at the dance, you never know who you may spark interest in.


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