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A good valentines gift for a guy?

I want to take my boyfriend out to dinner for valentines day. Whats a good dinner place, or whats a good gift to give that’s not too expensive. Were both 15 and been together 7 months.

He said he wants to go to red robin ahha. but if I cant go out to dinner, whats something good to get for him?

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4 Responses to “A good valentines gift for a guy?”

  1. Toddles said:

    somthig that will remind him of good times you have had and take him somewere fun with out spending $

  2. LILd said:

    Invite him over for dinner and get a good recipe and cook him something good. Maybe ask your mom to help.

  3. bored at work said:

    take him for a lunch date.. a picnic at the park just the two of you! out doors is the best place to show someone you love them. don’t spend to much it the thought that counts!

  4. shy lady said:

    i am lost what am i supposed to do or make my boyfriend for valentines day oh and by the way we are both eleven in fifth grade please help


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